High-quality meeting with excellent speakers. Relevant for both clinicians and researchers.
Dr. Ida Haugen, Norway

Great opportunity for academics and clinicians to get together and discuss controversial areas.
Dr. Graeme Jones, Australia

A truly terrific learning experience. This is a gem of a boutique conference with terrific presentations and ease of interaction with faculty and attendees. I plan on attending them again in the future.
Dr. Joel Kremer, USA

The debate format for many topics allowed for succinct learning and to see both sides of current controversies. I would recommend this meeting strongly to practicing rheumatologists!
Dr. Janet Pope, Canada

It was my first BMJD meeting. I found it to be loaded with a number of up-to-date presentations by leaders in their field. Debates were a good opportunity to explore critically the limits of what is known. There were also opportunities to meet and discuss individually with experts.
Prof. Gilles Boire, Canada

I really enjoyed the opportunity to interact with leaders in osteoporosis research. The breadth and depth of topics covered in the sessions were excellent.
Dr. Lora Giangregorio, Canada

The 3rd BMJD Congress held in Montreal was a really good experience for persons interested in clinical and scientific topics regarding osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis. The congress was big enough to have parallell sessions with high level lectures on several topics, and small enough to meet your colleagues to discuss and get to know new colleagues. In addition, the congress was very well organized.
Prof. Hilde Berner Hammer, Norway