About CoVet

CoVet is a concept Congress dealing with controversial topics in veterinary medicine, with a special emphasis on stimulating open debate, finding solutions and reaching partial or full consensus in cases where no agreed-upon answers exist.


International renowned opinion leaders will discuss current issues in veterinary medicine. The unique concept of this congress allows ample time for speaker-participant interaction.

Scientific Program

International interdisciplinary Opinion Leaders will discuss and debate on current issues in Infectious Disease, Vaccination, Genetics, Nutrition, Health, Biomarkers and more.

Important Dates

Abstract Submission: DD\MM\YYYY
Early registration: DD\MM\YYYY


Vaccine strategies

Intranasal vs. Injectable
Bordetella Efficacy
Adjuvant vs. not in cats
Lyme Efficacy
Core vs. Non-Core


Orthopedic Diseases/Osteoarthritis

Stem Cell Approaches
NSAID Efficacy Safety
TPLO vs TPA vs other for CCL’s
Oral OA Suppl’s

    Scientific Program

Oncology Controversies Track

MCT Panels vs Histo alone
LSA Diagnostics
Metronomic Chemo
Melanoma Vax
LSA T vs B Rx’s


Infectious Disease Testing/Treatment

Heartworm Resistance and/or Compliance
AB Resistance/Compliance
PCR vs other


Ethics track

Compounding (AVMA/AAHA statutes)
Surgeries – Declaw/Ears/etc.