About Hainan

Hainan Island

Area 33,900 km2 (2.1 million km2 along the South China Sea).
Capital Haikou
Biggest cities Haikou, Sanya, Qionghai, Wenchang, Danzhou
Population 8,200,00
Currency Yuan Renminbi
Languages Official: Mandarin, Cantonese.
Local: Hainanese
Country Dialing Code +86

Sanya Hainan

 Sanya is the southernmost city in China, situated on Hainan Island, and resting calmly in the warm waters of the South China Sea.
Sanya is a tropical international tourist city. It enjoys clean seawater, clean air, sandy beaches and bright sunshine and is rich in natural tropical scenery and historical sites. The average annual temperatures of Sanya Hainan hover at a beautiful 22-28 degrees Celsius.
Sanya's tourist attractions include Yalong Bay National Holiday Resort, Dadonghai Tourist Zone, Tianya Haijiao (The End of the Earth), Luhuitou Park, Nanshan Cultural and Tourist Zone, the marvellous landscape of mountains and seas at Nanshan, Wuzhizhou Island, the Ancient City of Yazhou, Shuinan Village, Luobidong Cavern and the Muslim tombs built in Tang & Song dynasties.

Tips & Hints

 Taxi: Taxi drivers do not speak English. Ask the hotel staff for help. Make sure to ask the driver to turn on the counter. It is always cheaper than barging a deal with them.
Bus: Sanya Airport to downtown: RMB10 per person bus No. 8
Shopping: Shopping in Sanya includes: Pearls, Black Pepper, White Pepper, Tea, Coffee and more.

Your first impression of Sanya's shopping scene may be "seen it, bought it." Much of the products you'll be bombarded with can be found at other islands around the globe or at other tourist destinations within China. Straw hats, Hawaiian style beach shirts and, of course, the staple in practically every Chinese city, pearls. But hunt around a little harder and you'll find some bargains with a little more local flavor.
No matter where you go shopping or what you buy, whether in street stalls or specialty shops, remember to bring your hard bargaining face. Crafty vendors are more than happy to lighten your cash load.