Shimon Reif

Professor Shimon Reif he is currently the head of Pediatric department in Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center. He is graduated of Technion Medical School. He did his Residency at Tel Aviv Medical Center Following by 3 years of fellowship in Pediatric Gastroenterology in Children's Hospital Buffalo NY. During this period he initiated his research in liver fibrosis focusing on modulation of  ECM expression during development. After his return to Israel he became had of Pediatric GI and later head of department of Pediatrics at in Tel Aviv Medical Center. Professor Reif Spend a very successful sabbatical at David Brenner lab where he promoted his research by investigating signal transduction pathway of HSCs proliferation. In the last years his research is dedicated to the anti fibrotic mechanism of vitamin D. In addition he is the president of the Israeli pediatric GI association and associate editor of JPGN. He has more than 100 peer review publication in prestige journals.