Marguerite Dunitz-Scheer




born 14.5.55 in Maryland, Washington D.C, Father: Prof. Jack David Dunitz, FRS, lived 1957-77 in Zürich, Switzerland; 1977 Harvard Medical School, USA, since 1978 in Graz, Austria, married, 6 children born 1980-95, 7 grandchildren 2007-2014. Speaks English, German, Italian, French.


Occupation and Affiliation


1974-1981 Medical studies in Zürich, Boston, Graz. 1981-86 Training in Pediatrics, Univ.-Hospital for Children and Adolescents, 1985-1991 training in Gestalt Psychotherapy; 1995: Professorship in Pediatrics, Head of Psychosomatic and Psychotherapeutic Unit, Dept for General Pediatrics, main field of occupation: severe feeding disorders 0-18, specialized in tube dependence of infancy and early childhood & interactional disorders


1985-1991 Training in Gestalt Psychotherapy, since 1991 in private praxis


Intensive Liaison and collaboration with neonatal intensive care unit and intensive care of Univ. Hospital of child surgery


Research projects in various fields of eating disorders-behavioral pediatrics

Participation and organization of national and international conferences

since 1993, visiting professor and continuous clinical work in Israel for

installing a national tube management project since 1995, Onsite patient

supervision and training of medical and paramedical professionals in

feeding tube management in Austria, UK, Germany, CH, Latvia,

Russia, Australia, New Zealand.




 1974-80  Medical studies, Medical Postgraduate

 Pediatrician since 1984, Psychotherapist since 1991 (Gestalt)

 Degree in institutional management (NGO) since 1996

 Artsdirector of a patientoriented cultural programs since 2001




President of GAIMH (1996-2008 of the German speaking Association of Infant Mental Health, Affiliate of WAIMH= World association of Infant Mental Health), since 1992: Task force member of ZTT DC. 0-3, Diagnostic Classification NCCIT (National Center for Clinical Infant programs, Washington), Corresponding member Americ. Acad. of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Founder of for online counseling of early feeding disorders and tube dependence & eating schools