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Friday, April 1, 2016

Board No.
01 Clinical feature and treatment of acute immune thrombocytopenic purpura in children: Aretrospective study from state of Qatar
A. Alhammadi, Qatar
02 Seasonal variation in respiratory syncytial virus infection in a desert climate: a report from state of Qatar
A. Alhammadi,
03 Length of hospital stay of patients treated for bronchiolitis at the pediatric clinic in Sarajevo
G. Bakalovic, Bosnia and Herzegovina
04 Medication errors involving acetaminophen in pediatric inpatients
M. Bosch, Spain
05 Effectiveness of two different methods for relief pain during insulin injection on children; buzzy-shot blocker
N. Canbulat Şahiner, Turkey
06 Association between stool characters and gastroenteritis pathogens in hospitalized children
L. Chang, Taipei
07 Combined probiotics strains are most effective in the prevention of necrotizing enterocolitis and mortality: Update and meta-analysis
H.-Y. Chang, Taipei
08 Risk of infection and prognostic outcome in neonates born from precipitous labor outside the delivery unit
L. Chang, Taipei
09 A multicenter, randomized, controlled trial of osteopathic manipulative treatment on pain in preterm infants
L. Cicchitti, Italy
10 Prescribing in paediatrics: Obesity and ideal body weight
H. Collier, UK
 11 Possible use of inflammatory cytokines and neutrophil myeloperoxidase index in hospitalized children with systemic inflammatory response syndrome diagnosis
H. Čupeca, Latvia
12 A qualitative interview study of GPS’ perspectives on antibiotic use in children with lower respiratory tract infections in primary care
V. S. Dulay, UK
13 Comparative study of the incidence of orthopedic problems in newborns at two hospitals with high numbers of births, one of the public health system and other private
L. Carratala, Spain
14 Transperineal ultrasonography (TPUS) for evaluation of the perianal Crohn disease
J.-Y. Hwang, Korea
15 Mitochondrial imbalance in intrauterine growth restriction
D. L. Juárez-Flores Mexico
16 Evaluation of rapid helicobacter pylori stool antigen test in relation to EIA-based test in pediatric population
A. Kaceviča, Latvia
17 Behcet’s disease with atypical genital involvement
M. Karacil, Turkey
18 Treatment of suspected neonatal sepsis at Helen Devos children’s hospital
S. Klein, USA
19 Watch batteries: How many can you have?
B. Khan, UK
20 Definition of pain in preschool children: A qualitative study
A. Y. Köroğlu, Turkey
21 Infants with acute bronchiolitis in the general emergency department
J. Kovacech, Australia
22 Prevalence and risk factor for the development of undernutrition in pediatric patients during hospitalization
Y. J. Lee, Korea
23 Survey of lullaby singinging for preschool children
S. Lesinskiene, Lithuania
24 Challenges of immunization in Serbia and possible solutions
D. Lozanovic, Serbia
25 Thiamine deficiency in neurological acute disorders in resource-limited settings: Case reports
I. Carreras, Senega
26 New outcome measures in pediatric acquired demyelinating syndromes
G. Olivé, UK
27 Antibiotics prescribing in febrile children 0-36 months during winter period in primary care settings
G. Markovic, Montenegro
28 Preliminary report on the assessment of adolescent health needs in a tertiary care health institution in Sri Lanka
S. Randeny, Sri Lanka
29 Portal cavernoma with features of portal hypertension secondary to protein C & S deficiency
S. Randeny, UK
30 Multiphasic acute disseminated encephalomyelitis
A. Rodrigues, Portugal
31 Improve infant sleep quality by changing formula milk to mare milk
M. Shakiba, Iran
32 Pharmacokinetic model of intravenous dexmedetomidine in mechanically ventilated children
I.-K. Song, Korea
33 Joubert syndrome with chronic renal failure-contribution of a clinical case
Y. S. Stoyanova, Bulgaria
34 Congenital bilateral renal hypoplasia-case study
D. Ivanov, Bulgaria
35 A new kind of addiction among adolescents in Serbia-food addiction?
S. Tomic, Serbia
36 Ultrasound screening for human cystic echinococcosis in Bulgaria: Heracles project
K. M. Vutova, Italy
37 Rare presentations of bacterial infections in childhood
R. Wasala, UK
38 Impact of introducing humidified high flow nasal cannula oxygenation to a paediatric department at a district general hospital
D. Wasala, UK
39 Influence of tactile stimulation by massage on the oxyhemoglobin concentration in the infant brain
H. Watanabe, Japan
40 Neonatal sepsis, meningitis, and brain abscess in a 5 week old infant girl with Citrobacter Koseri infection: A case report
J. Whatley, USA
41 Ozone and other air pollutants and the risk of congenital heart defects
S. Yang, USA
42 Unexpected parental response to enhanced obesity prevention counseling for very young children
A. Ariza, USA
43 The prevalence of fungal infections in children with hematologic malignancy in Ali-Asghar children hospital between 2005 and 2010
S. Ansari, Iran
44 Phace syndrome as differential diagnosis of a cervical mass: Case report
I. Ferreira, Portugal
45 Acute myeloid leukemia in an infant: A challenge diagnosis
I. Ferreira, Portugal
46 Pain in Lebanese children with cancer
D. Madi, Lebanon
47 What mothers know and expect from antibiotics?
G. Markovic, Montenegro
48 First skin biopsy reports in children with autism
L. Silva, USA
Spontaneous perforation of colon in previously healthy infants and children: A single center experience with its clinical implication
Y.-H. Cho, Korea
Meconium-related ileus in very low birth weight and extremely low birth weight infants: Immediate and one-year postoperative outcomes
S.-Y. Byun, Korea
Diagnostic value of elevated CXCR4 and CXCL12 in neonatal sepsis
T. Tunc, Turkey
Characteristics and findings of childhood urinary tract infection in the last decade
P. Vachvanichsanong, Thailand
Comparison of the effects of thiopental sodium, ketamine, and propofol of on rocuronium onset time and clinical duration in children
S. B. Shim, Korea
Endocan and soluble triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cells-1 as novel markers for neonatal sepsis
T. Tunc, Turkey