Opening Session

Thursday, November 10, 2016
18:00 – 19:00 OPENING SESSION
Chairpersons Zion Ben-Rafael, Israel
Bart C.J.M Fauser, The Netherlands
18:00-18:05 Greetings
18:05-18:15 TREAT ME LIKE A LADY: Why women and society would benefit from improved gender awareness in medicine
Jannet Vaessen, The Netherlands
18:15 – 19:05 Nobel Prize Laureate – Robert G. Edwards: 5th Annual Lecture
Capsule Evidence from extensive twin studies reveal that genetic (maternal and fetal) as well as environmental factors contribute to preterm birth. The relative contributions are influenced by race/ethnicity. Identifying the specific genes and the unique environmental factors in different populations may provide risk assessment tools as well as preventative interventions.  The Human Microbiome Project, coupled with multi-omic approaches have disclosed previously unappreciated players.
 Jerome Strauss Genetic and environmental factors contributing to preterm birth
Jerome F. Strauss III, USA
Dean, Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine
19:05-19:15 Best Abstracts Awards Ceremony